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A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Advocacy - Resource & Support Organization

Empowering Women Impacted By Incarceration is non-profit advocacy organization that provides support, resources and referrals to help system impacted families navigate and stay informed as they support their loved ones on the road to rehabilitation.


At our organization,  we are dedicated to providing a diverse array of resources and referrals tailored to assist families navigating the intricate landscape of the criminal justice system.  We understand the complexities and challenges faced by these families and aim to provide comprehensive support to them and their loved ones on their journey towards rehabilitation.


Our programs focus on fostering an inclusive environment that supports both women and men in their quest for successful reintegration into society. We firmly believe in empowering these individuals with the essential tools, resources, and guidance necessary to rebuild their lives and find their footing once again. 


Our services include but are not limited to providing mental support, resources & referral as well as updates on Legislative Policies, clarity and understanding of CDCR Title 15, DOM, regulatory and program changes to keep families informed and knowledgeable.

We believe that a well informed community is an empowered one.

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