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For over the past 4 years, EWII has hosted our annual Gift of Thanksgiving where we provide grocery store gift cards to families impacted by incarceration to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal on us.

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The Power In Unity Fellowis spearheaded by 3 lead organizations: Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, Empowering Women Impacted by Incarceration and Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

It is a policy fellowship of system-impacted family members of currently incarcerated loved ones with the purpose to educate and empower those who have directly experienced the impacts of various social systems, such as the criminal justice system and use their voice and personal experience to make change in the criminal justice system by learning how a bill becomes law through trainings and hands on experience. 

Our goal is to help the members understand the Legislative process step by step through training, mentorship and hands on practices, create opportunities for personal and professional growth, amplifying the voices of those affected, leadership development, advocacy and civic engagement, storytelling and narrative building, networking and coalition building, trauma-informed care and self-care, empowerment and knowledge sharing, and team building. the team will focus on sponsoring a bill that affects most of the participants.

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